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Coaching Tips at IWTV

IWTV logo

I was approached last year by IWTV, a company specialising in providing export coaching tips via the internet. You can read about my experiences here but to go straight to see the clips you can go to the IWTV page.

To view the clips, go to the IWTV home page and select Country then Angling from the menu on the left hand side of the page:

screenshot of IWTV home page

You will see a page of screenshots from angling coaches. Select Martin Porter from the list of instructors on the right hand side:

screenshot of iwtv coach selection

This will display all ten of the coaching tips currently on offer (more to come this summer!).

For example, click on this clip

screenshot of Palomar Knot coaching clip

to find out how to tie the Palomar knot.

How much does this all cost? Well it's a remarkably good deal, just 1.95 to view 25 clips.

You can pay through PayPal or via SMS but that's all explained on the IWTV site.

If you have any problems viewing the clips, do let me know by email.

Other coaching tips

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  • There are also a number of tips on the blog - see Fishing Tips
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