The Coarse Angling Experience


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why do I need coaching, I used to fish when I was younger?

Answer: Much has changed in the world of angling over the last decade or so - our rivers are no longer the excellent fisheries they were and the location of fish has become more important. Specialist techniques have evolved to combat new problems of 'over fishing' in lakes and many of these lakes are full of carp that can be very 'educated' in the new techniques designed to catch them. New baits have been introduced and fish are no longer accustomed to the old favorites.

We can familliarise you with these new techniques and demonstrate the advances in tackle that you may have missed. We can tell you about how the places you used to fish have changed and we can bring you 'up to speed' on the methods necessary to achieve success.

Question: Can I use my old tackle?

Answer: This will depend on what tackle you have and will in the end be your decision. We will provide all the tackle you need to take part in any course we run and this will be loaned free of charge.


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