Coaching for beginners

Congratulations - you are about to take your first steps into the exciting world of coarse fishing. Like many other things in life, if you are to get the full enjoyment from the sport it is essential that you learn the basics thoroughly. It is easier to do this with the services of a trained professional coach.

I am based in the South East of England on the borders of Surrey and West London with access to some of the best coarse fishing in the country both on my doorstep and no more than a couple of hours' drive away - ranging from stretches of the Kennet and other Thames tributaries to the excellent gravel pits in their catchment areas. There's also the river Itchen and other Wessex rivers.


for those who are just starting in the sport.


for those who used to fish and now wish to return to the sport they once loved.


for those who have completed our beginners course or who consider themselves reasonably competent anglers and wish to polish their existing skills or to pursue a particular species.

We offer a professional coaching and guiding service covering the full spectrum of coarse fishing skills. I can only detail a few of these here so click on the icon that interests you.

Don't forget - I provide all the tackle and bait!

We also maintain an excellent after course service providing advice on tackle purchases and fishing venues, all for the price of a telephone call or an email.