About the courses

Class sizes

Group of Connexions students catching fish at a Twynersh lakeExperience has taught us that the maximum number of pupils for one instructor is four. To ensure the optimum attention for each pupil and safety concerns would prevent us from taking more.

Courses can be run with four students to one coach or eight pupils to two coaches. If a larger group size is required we can bring in other fully qualified PAA coaches to extend the number to twelve or more.

A typical day

Courses generally start around 10 o'clock in the morning when students are collected from the designated pick-up point and transported to the venue. Each day consists of four to six hours tuition. Digital photos are taken when fish are caught.


We have carefully selected a number of venues on the basis that they provide a safe and secure environment for students. Risk Assessments and Safety Plans for these venues are regularly updated.


Student with first fishAll tackle, bait and day tickets are provided, students need only bring appropriate clothing and a packed lunch. Courses are conducted in an informal manner so there is no need for a designated meal break. Pupils are encouraged to eat when they are hungry and drink when they are thirsty. The last thing we want is for the course to follow a school curriculum style routine - we fish because it is fun and although we insist on a certain standard of behaviour due to safety reasons, we want them to get more out of these courses than just "learning to catch fish".

Can we help your organisation?

I have found that a series of five or six one day courses, each of about four or five hours duration, works most effectively. The exact content of these courses is adjusted to suit the ability, knowledge and experience of the participating students.

Digital photographs are taken throughout the course and supplied to teaching, key worker or social services staff by email or on cd-rom.

Confidential reports and assessments on student achievement can be provided by coaching staff.

It is also possible to provide one on one tuition with those pupils who have shown aptitude or who would benefit from this kind of tuition. Some of these students have gone on to a Peer Mentoring role.

Additionally, courses can be tailored to fit the needs and budget of your unit.

If you would like details of any of the above courses, please contact us on 01635 298987 or by email.


We are delighted that our courses are so well received by staff and young people. We have just added a feedback page and will be adding testimonials from key staff and students.