It's always a pleasure to receive positive feedback from clients - here's a small selection of our favourites.

James Gray

August 2006: I was delighted to receive the following email from one of my early students, James Gray. The story speaks for itself and I've resisted the urge to edit his text other than slight tweaks for clarity because he wrote it at great speed and I love that his excitement shows through.

James with a fine crucian carp Hi Martin

i just thought i would e-mail you because i went to the Carpfest on Saturday. And there was a spodding accuracy competition where you had to cast a spod into a rubber ring which was about 2ft by 2ft and about 50 yards out. So I entered with a mate and I managed to hit the ring which gave me 10 points over all. Which put me joint 2nd so me and this other boy so we had to play a cast off to see who would win. In the end i ended up winning it. And Sky Sports was filming it so i will appear on Sky Sports soon I will let you know when abouts. So just a quick thank you for teaching me how to cast. And how that relates to that story you used to tell us about that competition you would enter where you would have to cast in to a bucket. and u would always win because you would overcast and feather it. So i used that method and it just show that it does work. And that I am not that bad at casting and you taught me well. So i am dead chuffed about being on tv and wining a load of prizes.

Simon Taylor and sons

Tom and Will on their first day's fishing. Just wanted to thank you for today. The boys had a blast (and me !!).

Once again... thank you so much for your enthusiasm and patience... it was worth every penny. I'll be in contact soon about more courses.

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Evaleen and Steffan

Ruudi, Evaleen, Steffan and Angela at Twynersh Thanks again for a wonderful day - we both loved it and can't wait till the 18th. I also had the chance to recommend you and pass along your details to another mom today who is eager to find a fishing coach for her son.

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Jim Kampta

Jim Kampta with large common carp.

Thanks again for a great day's fishing - I now know a lot more about fishing than I did at 06:00 hrs this morning. It was also nice to catch my biggest fish ever!

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David Rob and family

Abdur with fish, David laughs in the background Thanks for the coaching session on Monday, we all had a good time, particularly my Dad, he absolutely loved it. I think he is going to get the same birthday present next year!

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Nigel Punter

Nigel Punter with his best carp to date

Please accepts my thanks for a great day's fishing on Friday. I arrived home very happy (although my arm felt like it had used muscles it had not used before!!). I think the biggest fish weighed in at just over 8lbs. I learned a lot (indeed I hope I can remember everything!) and have been practising my knot tying today!

Thanks too for the photos, they are great.

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Roger Patterson

Roger Patterson with large carp.

Thanks for an instructive day out I not only learned I also caught especially the double figure carp & the nice tench. A very enjoyable day, helped by the nice weather.

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Joe Perdoni

The blog site is great, and I visit it every few days to see what's new and your latest exploits. It was particularly interesting seeing how Paul (from Slough) has developed over your sessions with him and the day with the Bangladeshi father and two sons brought a smile to my face on a particularly stressful day at work... So a big thanks for that.

Steve Callahan

Steve Callahan learning fly casting skills at Syon Park.

I really enjoyed my trip with you and if I ever return to Europe in your area I will be sure to give you a call.

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