Father and young son proudly holding a fish caught at Twynersh Why not have a family day out on one of our courses? Just bring yourselves, food and drinks and suitable clothing and we'll get you all started on a hobby that involves the whole family!

We have found that this is an ideal sport for adults to share with children and a number of our younger pupils bring a parent along to learn with them.

We love to have family members on the same course, mothers and sons, fathers and daughters, grandparents and grandchildren. Courses are structured so that all age groups learn at their own pace and best of all, sharing knowledge both during the course and on fishing outings after the course. It's a wonderful (and fairly cheap) way to spend a warm summer's day!


Two sisters fishing on a canal Question: Can girls fish too?

Yes of course they can, in my first year of teaching the biggest fish caught on one of the courses was caught by a girl.

Question: Do we have to touch maggots?

Not if you really don't want to! Bread, sweetcorn and luncheon meat will all catch fish and most non-anglers are put off by the idea of maggots. We clean the maggots used as bait and they are not slimy or smelly but are a very good bait. Many of our pupils have been squeamish at the beginning but everyone has been freely handling the maggots by the end of the course without any problems.

Rudy, Evaleen, Steffan and Angela proudly displaying the last of several bream caught at Twynersh Question: How many people can you teach at once?

We limit the courses to four pupils per instructor for safety reasons and to provide a higher level of tuition. This does not of course include any parent who wants to come along to watch nor any other children in their care.

Case Studies

Tom and Will at Twynersh Simon contacted us to ask about a course for himself and his two sons, 11 year old Will and 9 year old Tom. Having fished as a young lad, Simon was keen to get back to the sport and this time include his sons. We had a wonderful day at Twynersh, the boys caught forty or so fish between them and it is enough to say that Dad did not do so well... but he was kind enough to write:

Just wanted to thank you for today. The boys had a blast (and me!). Once again, thank you so much for your enthusiasm and patience...it was worth every penny. I'll be in contact soon about more courses.