The Coarse Angling Experience



Question: Why do I need further coaching?

If you have done our intermediate courses or already consider yourself a competent angler then you may wish to specialise further or perhaps fish somewhere different. Why not take a look at the specialist courses and see if there is anything you fancy.

Question: Can I bring a friend?

Yes - on most of our courses and guided fishing trips I encourage students to come with a friend since companionship plays a great part in the sport for many people.

Question: What special skills can you teach?

I am a very experienced angler and I consider myself to be an 'all-rounder'. I have over forty years of fishing experience and have made many fine catches in both rivers and still waters. I want to share this experience with you and help you to get more from the time you spend fishing. I don't want to force my ideas or opinions on you, but just help you to enjoy your fishing more. Please see details of our specialist courses for more details.


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