Mother and son learning to fish togetherWe provide a number of different beginners courses for adults and if you do not fit into one of the following categories we can easily tailor a course especially to suit you. You could:

  • Come along on your own or with friends.
  • Join a course with your son or daughter, learning the sport together.
  • If you have young children then why not come and learn to fish so that you can teach your children when they are old enough.

We cannot emphasize strongly enough the therapeutic benefits of angling for those of you suffering from a stressful life. It can be the perfect method for unwinding after a hard week at work. I am a retired London copper still in possession of (most of) my marbles!

Retired couple learning to fish Angling is also an ideal hobby to pursue in retirement, being both relaxing and as strenuous as you want to make it. You can then pass your knowledge on to your grandchildren.

We provide courses at weekends, during the week and in the evenings after work.

We want you to have fun when you are fishing and the courses are run accordingly.


Question: Is it an expensive sport?

Not necessarily, it is possible to enjoy the sport with a minimal outlay and we are available to advise on tackle purchases as there are products on the market that are designed to catch fishermen rather than fish! At first you will need no tackle because we provide all the required equipment on the courses, so why not try the sport with us before you spend your money?

Question: Why do I need coaching?

To enjoy the sport to the full you will need to catch fish and if on your first outing you are surrounded by others catching fish, when you are not, you may become disheartened. There is a lot more to successful angling than just drowning worms - you would not turn up on a golf course knowing nothing about the game and angling is more involved than golf. Unlike golf however, there is no handicap system to ensure equal competition, you are judged on your success by some anglers. We want you to be successful and enjoy your fishing and will help you to become a proficient angler from the start by sharing our experience with you.

Question: Is it cruel?

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that fish, being cold blooded creatures, feel pain the way we do. I have caught the same fish twice or three times in a morning and this proves they do not suffer undue stress. I am a conservationist and if I believed that I was causing unnecessary suffering I would not fish.