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About TryAngling

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How TryAngling started and what I can offer you.

Martin Porter

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Martin has been fishing for almost 50 years and is delighted to combine a love of fishing with a desire to share knowledge.


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About TryAngling

The Past

I formed TryAngling in the summer of 1999 with the aim of not just bringing more people into the sport but to improve the skills of anglers at all levels and to enable them to discover new experiences within the sport.

I was joined shortly afterwards by Gordon Scott, we formulated a set of lesson plans and started coaching.

We had seen in the last few years that coarse angling had become a more fragmented sport and we felt that anglers were being left out of the bigger picture by concentrating on a single species or method.

Many of our fellow anglers were missing out on the variety of enjoyment provided by the many facets of this wonderful hobby and once they became bored with their chosen discipline they left the sport. The sport needs more all round anglers.

We continued to teach both adults and children at all levels until the business reached a major crossroads.

I met an old friend from my police days, Malcolm Orgill. He had recently retired and was now working with a local council, helping disadvantaged children to catch up with their education.

When I told him about the courses I was running and showed him pictures of delighted youngsters with their first fish he suggested that I design some courses for these young people to try and give them another interest. I think the original idea was to use these courses as a reward for their school work but we found that the courses had a much greater effect on the young people than simple reward.

The Present

My activities continue to be divided between private coaching, guiding and work with local government agencies. Each requires different skills and techniques but are equally rewarding.

The Future

The formation of Steve Gray's All Things Piscatorial website has given me the opportunity to further develop the service we provide.

Teaming up with other qualified coaches and the use of an additional brand new secure venue, plans are in the pipeline to start evening courses in the summer for our private students.

We are also looking for ways to offer our services to other local government agencies, including Connexions, e2e and YOT throughout the south east of England.

If you'd like to know more, contact us by email or telephone (+44) 01635 298987.

I enjoy fishing and will do everything to ensure that you do too.