The Coarse Angling Experience


Welcome to TryAngling!

I am in the very fortunate position of being able to share my knowledge and enjoyment of angling. Let me help you get the most from this wonderful sport!

What I do

Coarse angling is a varied and complex sport and can provide different rewards at various levels of personal involvement. It can continue to be a fun way to spend the occasional leisure hour or develop into a totally absorbing hobby. The choice is yours.

To get the most from whatever level of commitment you choose, there is knowledge which needs to be gained and physical skills that need to be mastered.

The best and safest way to do this is with the services of a skilled and qualified coach.

TryAngling was set up to provide a high standard of coaching in many aspects of coarse fishing; to guide the angler through the minefield of tackle purchases and to clarify the many contradictory and misleading articles written on the subject.

I want you to get the most from the time you spend fishing, you set the goals and I help you to achieve them.

To see what I get from my angling, read my frequently updated weblog, The Fishing Coach.

Want to try some of the best rivers in the south east of England? Let me take you on a guided day's angling on the Kennet, Hampshire Avon, Itchen and many other exclusive waters.

Working with staff and young people from local government agencies

It has been nearly fifty years since I first embarked on the lifelong journey into the wonderful sport of angling. During all these years I can honestly say I have never stopped learning, not only about fish and how to catch them but also about myself and people in general.

This wonderful sport allows its participants to seek their own rewards and set their own targets according to their abilities and in conjunction with their other commitments.

Students fishing on a quiet lakeMy last nine years of coaching have shown me that this is particularly true for young people who are searching for something they can relate to amongst so much that is new, confusing and often contradictory. In my small way, I am told, I have been able to encourage in some of them an interest and often provide a sense of achievement they have been unable to find elsewhwere. I have also been able to share my broad experience of life through a common interest and perhaps provide a stable role model.

I am often asked by the key workers and teachers of some of the more troubled young people I regularly work with, how I can get a pupil who is very disruptive in class to sit and fish for four hours. The "secret" is that I only coach groups of four at a time and I am able to make each pupil feel an important part of the group. I have time to listen to even the most disruptive ones and include them in the lesson.

If you'd like more information about courses for local government agencies, including the benefits angling can have for disadvantaged young people go to the Coaching section. For visitors from Local Government agencies, we've updated the Testimonials page with some much appreciated comments from staff in Slough and Reading, including e2e, PAYP, MAST. For bookings and any further information, do ring me on 07802 783450 or send me an email via the Contact page.